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What are your opinions on the baby names my husband and I have decided on?

If its a girl, the name will be Infinity Aura. If a boy, Ever Raiden. Just wondering if anyone can point out any good reasons not to use these. By the way, the whole infinity/forever idea is very personal and fitting to my husband and myself. Also welcoming any new ideas relating to this. Thanks!


  1. I really like Raiden, it’s unique, but I’m not so keen on Ever or Aura. But if you love the names then there’s nothing stopping you.

  2. When I read your girl’s name…expensive cars came to my mind immediately. Infinity and Acura..lol
    I would go for Everlie Aura instead. I actually LOVE the name Everlie and have it at the top of my baby list for girls names. You could also spell it Everley, Everlee, or Everleigh.
    Ever Raiden is ok, although it reminds me a bit of the words “over rated”. Not trying to put down your names, just trying to give you a fresh perspective from someone else. Keep the name Ever but maybe a different middle name for the boy? Good luck!

  3. They are very unique names, pretty much no one willl ever have the same name which is good, i personally would never use these names but if they are good for you and your husband i say name your baby that!
    congrats <3

  4. Your girl name sounds like a car to me, not a human being. Poor thing.
    Ever Raiden sounds like a video game or something, and also reminds me of an evergreen tree. If you really want advice – choose a different name. Maybe a name that means forever?

  5. Hmmm
    If you like Infinity, I would do it as a middle name to avoid teasing. And Aura may get teasing so how about:
    Aurora Infinity and her nickname can be Aura?
    And I love Raiden, really cute but Ever is kinda girly so how about:
    Erik Raiden?
    Hope I Helped!!!

  6. “By the way, the whole infinity/forever idea is very personal and fitting to my husband and myself.”
    Congratulations. Now give your child a name suitable for a person. If you want something for a personal label, buy a dolly or change your own names.
    Those are hilariously awful. Sorry – but do you really want people laughing behind your child’s back for the next 80 years? Isn’t that reason enough not to use them?

  7. Oh man those poor children..Infinity?? Ever?? It would be a little more decent if you switched each first name with their middle name- Aura Infinity, Raiden Ever- the meaning would still remain. Personally, I don’t really like Aura or Raiden but I do like Audra, Auden, Aubrey and Aiden and Riley which are similiar.

  8. The names might make sense to you, but they don’t sound like names of grown people. I agree that they sound nice, but I’d be really mad if my parents named me Infinity or Ever. If you must use them, give the kid a normal middle name so they have the option of being called by their middle name!
    Reasons to not use them:
    1) Nobody will ever know if the person is a girl/boy/man/woman just by looking at their names.
    2) The job market is tough as it is… why give someone the extra challenge of trying to be taken seriously with a name like that?
    3) They will ALWAYS be made fun of. It’s sad, but true.

  9. please don’t call your child Infinity or Ever, it is a really nice idea it’s just some words were never mean to be names. Aura and Raiden are such lovely names though.

  10. I think if you like these names than that is all that matters, but if you want my opinion, I think Ever Raiden is cute and Aura is Ok. I don’t know about Infinity but it fits in with the other names. Go with whatever names you LOVE!


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