What are your opinions on idealism?

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To help familiarise you with the theory:
“Idealism is the philosophical theory that maintains that the ultimate nature of reality is based on mind or ideas. It holds that the so-called external or “real world” is inseparable from mind, consciousness, or perception. In the philosophy of perception, idealism is contrasted with realism in which the external world is said to have a so-called absolute existence prior to, and independent of, knowledge and consciousness. Epistemological idealists (such as Kant), it is claimed, might insist that the only things which can be directly known for certain are just ideas (abstraction).
In the philosophy of mind, idealism is contrasted with materialism, in which the ultimate nature of reality is based on physical substances. Idealism and materialism are both theories of monism as opposed to dualism and pluralism. Idealism sometimes refers to a tradition in thought that represents things of a perfect form, as in the fields of ethics, morality, aesthetics, and value. In this way, it represents a humanly perfect [1] being or circumstance. In the ancient philosophy of the Vedas, idealism refers to the dynamic consciousness of living beings that emanates from the divine cosmic source.[citation needed] In much the same way, idealism has spread throughout the world. Individual societies have inspired and grown their own specific set of idealism, but they all have these generalities in common.
Idealism is a philosophical movement in Western thought, and names a number of philosophical positions with sometimes quite different tendencies and implications in politics and ethics, for instance; although in general, at least in popular culture, philosophical idealism is associated with Plato and the school of platonism.”
Taken from Wikipedia.
P.S. Feel free to share your favourite philosophy(s).

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A doctrine holding that reality is fundamentally mental in nature. The boundaries of such a doctrine are not firmly drawn: for example, the traditional Christian view that God is a sustaining cause, possessing greater reality than his creation, might just be classified as a form of idealism. Leibniz’s doctrine that the simple substances out of which all else is made are themselves perceiving and appetitive beings (monads), and that space and time are relations among these things, is another early version. Major forms of idealism include subjective idealism, or the position better called immaterialism and associated with Berkeley, according to which to exist is to be perceived, transcendental idealism, and absolute idealism. Idealism is opposed to the naturalistic belief that mind is itself to be exhaustively understood as a product of natural processes. The most common modern manifestation of idealism is the view called linguistic idealism, that we ‘create’ the world we inhabit by employing mind-dependent linguistic and social categories. The difficulty is to give a literal form to this view that does not conflict with the obvious fact that we do not create worlds, but find ourselves in one.


To take pure idealism as a means of living or a factor of real life seems a bit naive in my opinion. Though being idealistic has negative connotations I do not think that any true philosopher would suggest much less of his or her own philosophical realism. Consequentialism provides the same sense of realism but in the sense that each action will have a reaction. Realizing the scope of that and in terms of both yourself and the society in which you live is the trick part. Utilitarian ideas are intriguing as well though they deal with the overall use of action in regards to how they effect groups of individuals as a whole.


Idealism is my favorite philosophy. Idealism simply says the “3D World” is indifferent from the “2D world”.


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