Home Discussion Forum What are your feelings about reincarnation?

What are your feelings about reincarnation?

i was surprise when someone on school brought it up
I rather live another life than be somewhere for an eternity..


  1. I see no reason why not – I was born once, I could be born again – but I don’t know how much “me” there would be left in that “I.”

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    As a Christian, I follow what the Bible says.
    It does not mention a reincarnation, but it does speak of a resurrection.
    They are not the same thing.
    Resurrection is being raised from the dead, to a Heavenly life for some, and others to life on Earth, with the chance for eternal life here.
    If you think an eternity on Earth would be “boring” just think of all the things that you haven’t gotten to do yet in this life.

  3. Yes, it saddens me that there is so much ignorance and thus fear about this..Religion has done a thorough job in keeping it under wraps!
    We are NOT the physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the spiritual Being within (our consciousness) which animates that body..
    Each night when we go to bed and relax, our spiritual self leaves to enable our physical body to rest and recuperate and, as WE are then absent, our sleeping physical form cannot respond to normal stimulus until spiritual us returns in the morning and we reawaken!
    When our body dies, we dont bother to come back in the morning!
    Spiritual us, being pure energy, NEVER dies, and has lived before this lifetime MANY times and, of course, will continue to exist and express itself in different ways AFTER this life ends too..

  4. I think it’s possible. Why not? I’m not saying it is, or that it is a part of my Faith. I just don’t see why it’s not possible.


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