Home Discussion Forum what are your favorite skate companies?

what are your favorite skate companies?

I like enjoi, consolidated, chocolate, krux, bones bearings, spifire, independent, satori, girl, fourstar, hurley, quiksilver, ezilkeil, volcom, lakai, lakai
but i dont like dgk if you like them den thats coo just dont start fighting with me


  1. I like Enjoi, Blind, Blank’s, girl, element(some of it), zero and bearings spitfire and trucks independent even though there kind of heavy they last a long time.

  2. Almost, plan b, indy trucks, thunder trucks, bones, volcom, adio, emerica, dvs, spitfire, quicksilver, powell. Why would anyone start fighting with you…we’re skaters to each their own, jocks fight…not us. peace homeslice

  3. my brother has a skateboard….his friends taught me some trick thingies….
    i like element, enjoi, volcom,….a whole bunch of others

  4. The skate companys i like are becouse of thier riders mostly and graphics too or thier logo such as darkstar and blind mainly for thier logo but other companies i like are Plan B being my top company almost girl choclate fallen zero circa DC ES flip baker enjoi globe shoes lakai ect so many good companys and soo many good riders for these companys hard too name them all.. For DGK i hate the product but you got to love the company name dirty ghetto kids thats great LOL…


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