Home Discussion Forum What are your favorite quotes from The Satanic Bible and Anton LaVey?

What are your favorite quotes from The Satanic Bible and Anton LaVey?

I personally have too many
I didnt ask from opinions from people crazy christians who hate SAtanists. Try having the respect it seems ONLY satanists have and keep you opinions unless asked


  1. I cant remember it exactly, but the first one is the warning that if you have bought the book without a front cover it has been reported as stolen ad therefore the author doesn’t get any money for it.
    That is hysterical.
    Why would a real Satanist give 2 Sh%ts about that?
    The other is the final line—Yankee Rose. It means that jumble of junk is done.
    Back in my rebellious days when I had turned my back on God, I stole a copy, because of course I figured that would be the proper way to get one. I also read it cover to cover and realized that it was all bull. If you are truly going to be a Satanist, you will only worship yourself.
    Satan will laugh at your ignorance for worshiping him.
    To him, unless you are truly uncaring and feel that you yourself are above all else in creation, you are just a poseur.
    I went all out for a while and would have even curled Anton’s toes with my sacrilege. It was all nothing but visceral pleasure and gave me nothing in the way of true happiness.
    Now that I have turned back to God and repented my sins, I see that the only way to true contentment and joy is through Jesus.
    I hope someday your eyes will be opened also.

    • I agree. without Satan no-one would have reason for prayer or god because nothing would ever go wrong and people would never be upset or need help.
      Satan has given people a reason to go to church and pray, Satan is like god’s walking stick, without it he is but incapable of walking, with it he is strong and almighty, noticeable and a figure of strength and hope that people need.
      without Satan people would never learn to appreciate what they have when they have it and nothing like life can be cherished.
      From this you should learn that Satan is a teacher and keeps good and evil in a healthy balance so that people can learn the life lessons they need to he is not a monster.

  2. “Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had for he has kept it in business all these years.”
    *I must agree this is probably the best quote from the satanic bible.

  3. When I stumbled upon this site I was hoping for intellectual quotes from the satanic bible. I find it funny and repulsive at the same time that “Jesus Freaks” Ignore their self righteousness and even go against the bible by judging others and condemning them to hell. I’ve known and am personal good friends with true Christians. The Jesus Freaks are giving them a bad name. As far as me, I’m a pagan with some satanic prospective and a dash of odinist just to spice things up. I have my path & I take it with pride.
    Now onto my favorite quote from the Satanic Bible:
    “Satanism represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can.”
    Remember that quote if you feel the need to spread you “love” around..

  4. Hail my Lord Satan!!! he has shown me how to live a happy life…..why would he laugh at us for beliving in him he was betrayed by God!!!! GOD IS A CANCER Satan is the way!!


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