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What are your experiences with psychadelics?

I am curious about some positive and negative personal experiences with DMT, Acid, mushrooms and pyote and ayuhuasca.
I have my own experiences, and im a very spiritual person. Though i think it will now be a rare occurance that i use this path to answer those questions.
A friend of mine now regulalry takes LSD and has similar discussions and views about the progress of human consciousness and the expansion of our reality ( possibly in 2012, but thats another question altogether). However he does very little action to back up his very verbalised spiritual awakening.
My question is this, are there any out there who have heavy DMT use over several year and can relate their advice. ? as well as those who would like to share of their general experiences and the paths or possibilities taking these drugs has opened up for them.
I am in no wasy recomending drugs. I have a friend who is probably taking to many and some personal experiences on the subject will give me better material to talk to him about the subject.


  1. lol – you really want to try and have an intelligent conversation with a long time heavy drug user? isn’t that an oxymoron?

  2. If you are feeling calm and peaceful at the time, there shouldn’t be any bad effects.. It’s possible mind so make sure you prepare, have a sitter handy.
    Done mushies lots of times and never had a bad trip.
    I suggest you attempt to control your trip and be one with your thoughts, rather than letting the trip and your thoughts control you.

  3. *So that people don’t go all report button happy….I am in no way condoning the use of illegal drugs in my statement.
    For quite some time I experimented with hallucinogens as a way to become enlightened. There were some good experiences and some not so good ones. The only thing I’m convinced that happened was that my brain chemistry was permanently changed from the excessive use. It might have worked for people of particular cultures….but I don’t recommend it. The experiences can sometimes be overwhelming if a person is not ready for it.

  4. This is a highly controversial subject, but I believe God when he says that talking with the dead is an abomination to him.
    Thus I do not attempt to do so. He must have had a reason. He intially told this to the Hebrews. Levitcus is a Bible book that contains this message Also to keep from magic. They are all of the evil side of life. They are real and can do it, but God said NO!!!


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