what are your experiences with a crystal ball?

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i really need to know if you have tried the crystal ball and what happened when you did!

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It works well hung from the ceiling and spinning during an event dance.


I haven’t ever used one but I;d love to try it out when i get the chance to. i am already intuitive so i am sure that with my abilities and belief i’d be able to see something. all you need to do is believe! why not try it for yourself? i suggest you do! i would if i could but i don’t have one yet.


I have not used a crystal ball(which is a form of scrying) but i have used several other things to scry with. Though i would love to use something better because the results i get are pretty crappy with what i usually use.


My experiences of crystal balls are limited to using them to refract light and amuse my cat. They have no other use that I’ve noticed. They look nice of course, but really that’s about it. Did you really imagine that a shaped, polished lump of quartz had some kind of mystical powers? Why would it? How would it acquire such powers, even if such powers existed?

many owls

i did try it for 4 days,nothing happened,but it is possible.


I think saw an ocean in my crystal ball while I was attempting to tell my friend’s fortune.
I imagine an ocean portrays freedom, depth but also danger.
I hope this helps 🙂 xx


Crystal ball?Really?I do not think they work.


My mother used to own a crystal ball. Crystal balls are usually just solid balls of glass or crystal. My mother’s was glass. Though she is exceptionally good with tarot, she could never get the ball to “work”. In my personal experiences with it, the most that would happen is I’d get different colored fog in the “inside” of the sphere. I just used simple color associations (blue for sadness, green for envy) to come up with a rudimentary interpretation but I was never able to get any farther with it than that, and never did any research on it either. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see the way the fortune teller in the Wizard of Id does?
Hope that helps with your question a little bit.


I tried once and saw a bit of smoke within, but that was about it…i don’t have much experience with them.


With a crystal ball you have to make sure that it is actual crystal and not glass. Both can be used for scrying but a ball that is actually made from crystal (like quartz or the more common lead crystal) is infinitely more conducive than glass.
When used correctly, that is when you are in the correct frame of mind to use it, one can see images drawn from other places and magnified by the ball so that a human can interpret it. Now the real trick is interpreting what you see correctly. Most of the time with divining the future you will find that your interpretation was really off until after the event occurs, and then with hindsight you are able to put the pieces into the correct order.


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