Home Discussion Forum What are your beliefs on automatic writing.?

What are your beliefs on automatic writing.?

I once read a book by a syndicated reporter for the white house. She was so well known by the presidents that she called them by their first name. She decided to do some research on physics. One part of research she decided to investigate was a seance. The reason for the reasearch was to expose this practice as a hoax. She was told that she had the gift to do automatic writing. Eventually mastered the art and wrote many books about prophecys she got. I well remember one she wrote in the 70s or 80s which she was told that there would be a president from the deep south, doesn’t get any deeper than Texas, that would bring us into WWIII. Guess what, here we have George Bush and there is a grave possibility that this could come to pass. She was told that if people would become more spiritual that this would not happen. She wrote another in 1999 declaring that there has been a great spiritual awakening and it would not be a WWIII, but would come pretty close. Her name, Ruth Montgomery


  1. I believe you mean “psychics,” rather than “physics.”
    Automatic writing has about as much credibility as reading a crystal ball.
    Texas is not the deep south; anybody from the south (which you obviously are not) knows that the deep south includes the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Stick with what you know, because you are clearly out of your depth here.

  2. There are many stories good and bad about automatic writing. But the truth of it is, when doing any kind of spiritual work, you set up guideline and perimeters. I suggest cleansing the area of negative or lower vibes. Asking several angels, spirit guides or ancestor(family members who have pass) to answer you and only for the highest good. like all things it takes practice. Keep a journal. If you feel a negative experience is happening, shut it down and cleanse yourself and area. Document and precede at a different time. Good luck and be safe.

  3. Chances are we’re not going into WWIII but we’ll be very close that’s for sure. We’re purging ourselves from all the remnants of an obscure past that persists to survive. Generations of new, brighter children are being sired. We are all changing and evolving for the better. There are still dinosaurs representing ancient evil interests that want to keep us all in the dark but their forces are weakening and decaying steadily.
    I don’t know much about automatic writing to judge so no comments.

  4. It’s pretty amazing stuff. There’s a lot of things in seances that are uncanny, or just downright unexplainable. One doesn’t have to be gullible to believe them when you witness them firsthand.
    I’ve seen, heard and felt things I can’t explain scientifically. It’s worth keeping an open mind, because as soon as you close it to any possibilities, you limit your own chance of finding the truth


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