What are you thoughts on the Akashic Record and Empathic abilities?

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turtles all the way down

I don’t believe in the Akashic Records and I think that what people refer to as “empathic abilities” can be explained through psychology. Some people simply have excellent intuition about other people’s thoughts/feelings.

tawaen, JPA

Honestly? Wishful thinking.
Empathy is an innate sociological and psychological phenomenon, and I do realize some people are better at internalizing the experiences of others than other people, but there’s nothing supernatural about it.


My new age friends swear it’s real, that it’s some collective unconscious or something like that, and a few people are able to tune into it.


I think there is something like the akashic record in existence and I think empathic abilities are a huge pain in my @ss and have been since I got them at the age of 6.


I believe in both…It wasn’t until someone explained what an empath was that I realized I am one, and it can be a “gift” with good and bad sides. As for Akashic records, it just makes sense, well, at least to me, and I’m a self-admitted wierdo.


All it takes is a little training and anyone can access the Akashic records. They are very informative and have helped me to understand the lives of the people that i have looked at. As a writer they have also given me information on which to base characters for my stories.
Some I have talked to believe that they can help you access past lives. I believe that they are the books great and small that are talked about in revelation that will be opened that we will be judged from.
They are what the is recorded about our lives.


Hmm…the geeks who know jargon can easily dismiss anything with limited knowledge of science.
Have you ever felt somebody staring at your back, even when you are not looking at them ?, and when you look if fact you most often see somebody.
We donot have an understanding of nature yet, and i am actually sure, most of folk from the west who claim to have these power’s usually tend to be super fakes fooling the gullible public
However this is an eastern concept totally alien to the west, the akashic medium is medium that can tapped into only through certain methodoligcal procedures and some of them are innate, it is a unified theory if you will, the first step is to understand that everthing in this unverise is related, and their is commonality among everything.
Have you ever thought why there is a system of wind, waves, water ?, sure the planets long history has created them, but the planet sustains it, and it regulates everything.
In a sense, the planet is living, so are the trees, so are the animals (which we are a part of).
What makes us humans alive and intelligent ?, we live on earth, we move, we think, we eat ultimately we die. Movement is life, stagnation is death, similarly , the planet is living within a solar system which is alive.
If you can understand the concept of being one with nature and nature being a part of you, you have come a step closer to accessing the medium.
Does it exist ?, the answer is yes, but it is not a file cabinet, it is something that exists within you, you have to understand it, because your feeling’s and emotion are common with everything else.
om tat sat

Ms. C

Both are real. Everyone is limited by their own base of experiences, so it’s understandable that those who only believe what they’ve experienced are skeptical. Skepticism is good; however, making a blatant statement that something doesn’t exist simply because you haven’t experienced it is an act of being close-minded and well, not to offend anyone, but ignorance as far as having been unexposed to those truths. For that type of life eperience, you are saying that unless you’ve experienced or believe in something then you simply dismiss it as being valid. It can’t be real if you don’t know of it. If you examine the human body, you discover it is an amazing biological machine, complete with a computer (brain). Why is it so hard to imagine a hall of records like a huge mainframe that everyone is connected to and all data is recorded? Or, that you can sense what others are feeling and yes, even thinking. If you’ve had these experiences, you realize how great this other world is beyond the physical one that some people are confined to seeing. So those who discount it, simply are operating on a different level of experience. And frankly, who cares if they believe or not. I personally don’t feel the need to prove it to them. That is their reality for this lifetime and that’s okay. If you know and have witnessed such marvels, then that’s all that matters. You know your own truth and they theirs. It’s as it should be. Their walk in lie and your walk in life are simly different. Neither is right or wrong. Peace!


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