Home Discussion Forum What are you thought on religous leader Anton Lavey?

What are you thought on religous leader Anton Lavey?

He is the founder of www.churchofsatan.com and author and a believer in the fact that we are our own god, and there is no is heaven/hell etc.


  1. I don’t agree with all of his teachings nor do I believe he was necessarily a good man (he outright lied about a lot of his past) but he did have some thought-provoking ideas.
    Persian Princess: LaVeyan Satanists do not worship Satan. They don’t even believe in Satan. The name is purely for shock value and symbolism. Please educate yourself before you make such ignorant comments.

  2. I think he has some good points about being your own person, and many valid points about satan in general, but I don’t happen to believe in it. He has many qualities that make a great leader, confidence, strong opinions, charisma… he is definitely an influence in that community.

  3. I’ve read his book. I can agree with quite a bit of it, but not all. What I do find interesting, one of his principles, do what you want as long as you do no harm to others, is how most people live anyway. He just had the guts to put it into words.
    My husband is Leveyan.

  4. He was more of a showman than he was a religous leader. He got a lot of publicity in the 70’s for saying what seemed outrageous at the time but his ideas are pretty tame by today’s standards.
    He didn’t advocate doing evil, he just thought that people tend to act in their own self-interest. He was mostly very theatrical.

  5. His works are interesting, but I’d have to say he was a fraud at heart. If he did not believe in various demons, as he claimed not to, then why did he use their names in his rituals? Why, if we are our own god, should we bother with rituals at all?

  6. He is deceived. Although he may claim to not believe in God or Satan. If you are not for God you are against Him. But if I am not mistaken Mr. Lavey is dead now.

  7. answer: I’ve read all but one of his books and find his philosophy to be interesting and one that makes more sense than mainstream religions. If I wasn’t called by my gods I’d likely be a LaVey Satanist. Yes, he was a showman and a con artist – he attempted that readily. He appreciated pageantry.
    btw: Anton died a number of years ago and the Black House was sold and repainted. The Church continues.

  8. He celebrated at least one “cannibal feast” by his own admission (Secret Life of A Satanist, The Church of Satan by B.Barton, Satan Wants You by A. Lyons), and was a wife beater, a liar, a pimp, a High School dropout and died bankrupt in a broken down house given to him by his parents that he no longer even owned by then, according to friends, family, and defectors who knew him better than anybody.
    A “junkyard intelectual” still peddles junk.
    — Old Klingon Proverb


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