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What are we praying to? Pantheists, some atheists.?

Here is an example..You accidentally kill a bird or run over a dog or just some other scenario with a animal passing on..I know a lot of us pray for the animal once it’s buried out of respect but to be honest I don’t know what we are praying to. It reminds me of the Indians, how when they kill deer or any animal in order to survive they pray to the spirits or something close to that and thank the creature in death for dying in order for them to live. The same goes for a human being at a funeral that isn’t a “Christian burial”.
As scary as it sounds, yes I often do it as well. I think many people following shamanism are the most known to do those customs.
The real question is what exactly are we praying to? Because i’m pretty sure it’s not a god.
I didn’t ask how you felt about it, I asked you to tell me what you thought I was praying to..and if your answer is nothing, why did you even answer? -50 dkp for being a jerk 🙂
I often thought when I prayed it was to some sort of like praying to the elements and spirits of life. I just didn’t know what you would call that really besides pantheistic prayer.
-1757897 DKP. You are never getting your epic raid gear MasterMD. Ever.


  1. No one. Its all empty prayers….a one-way street that leads to a dead-end.
    Prayers are never answered and its worthless to spend time praying, which you can instead dedicate on doing something productive.
    Edit: We are praying to no one. There’s none at the other end to listen to our prayers.
    If you chant in the middle of a dense forest, who are you chanting to?
    Edit 2: Your antics confuses me more than it amuses me.

  2. Well, I’m not sure about what other people do, but I pray to the wind.
    The wind of my lungs joins with the wind of the atmosphere, which belongs to the solar wind, which belongs, ultimately, to the cosmic wind…..the intentions of a pure heart may be pathetic and piteous, yet still, we give it voice, and be damned with everyone who sneers at it.
    Even the wolves howl.

  3. Whenever I kill or maim an animal, I either yell “Critical Hit!” or hit it with a stick to see if it’s still alive. The only pure and good burial is IN MY STOMACH.

  4. Praying is waisting time. Prayers among tribes where in someway what we call the silent minute. You recall what you saw alive in your mind and think about it, for the good or the bad. Tribes had a deep respect for the nature and saw this planet as a living being, and that is exactly what it is and they where sad when they hurt it in any way.
    People who pray for any salvation have given out there spirituality to someone else or something else then themselves. None of those will ever find god. You can’t find your wallet elsewhere if it is in your pocket, even if you seek for your whole life.
    God, the king in his temple is yourself, so, if you have a problem, act, don’t pray.
    We all feel guilt when we killed an innocent being, even if it is for our own survival. We need to remember that what we kill there is a part of IT, a part of what we are part of as well, thus what we killed is a part of us. But that is the law and this law gives us the permission to do it.
    Just ask myself if those who over hunt, or over fish and never sell the stuff and that rots later on a trash deposit think the same way.
    But, too many on this planet have forgotten or never known why they are here and what is there task.
    Since all is written and follows an agenda I do not worry too much about it anyway.

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