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What are various degrees of psychic abilities?

Ok so I know that there are Empaths, Telepaths, Mediums, Fortune Tellers and Pre-cogs. Can anyone give me a better idea of what these all mean or if there are more. Can anyone even tell me where I can find more info out on this kind of stuff pls?


  1. different kinds
    There are a number of different types of psychics. Each kind is defined primarily by its analog in the physical senses. It is common for a gifted psychic to have more than one talent, but there is usually a primary gift.
    Empaths are the most common psychics. They sense through emotions and feelings. Like “Counselor Troi” in Star Trek, they don’t always have clear visions, but instead learn to interpret emotions in order to analyze events.
    Clairsentient is another term frequently applied to empaths. A clairsentient “just knows things” and can’t always tell you how.
    Clairvoyants (literally “clear vision”) primarily sense through dreams and visions.
    Clairaudients sense things in the form of sounds.
    Precognitives sense the future in dreams or waking visions. This is usually a specific form of clairvoyance, though empaths can “project forward” with emotion to postulate a predicted outcome.
    Psychometrists have the ability to sense thoughts, feelings and to relive events by handling personal items (usually jewelry) or by touching other people.
    Telepaths are the “mind readers”, tuning into mental vibrations the way empaths use emotions. True telepaths are extremely rare.
    Mediums are sensitive to ghosts, spirits and angelic guides.
    Channels, like mediums are sensitive to spirits, but they may allow a spirit or guide temporary access to their own senses in order to facilitate direct communication. A “Conscious Channel” will remain control of all faculties during the experience and has full recollection. An “Unconscious Channel” may black out and have no recollections.
    Hyper-Sensitives can be any kind of psychic, but the problem for them is that they cannot seem to shut off their abilities even when the information they get is confusing, painful or overwhelming. They tend to be empaths but may have additional abilities such as mediumship.
    There are occasionally “psychic smells” or “ghostly touches”, but there isn’t a separate category for such sensations as they generally are not a primary talent
    there are other abilities that arent neccesarily a categorized phychic
    i hope i helped ! =]

  2. Telepathy – the ability to read another person’s thoughts
    Clairvoyance – the ability to “see” events or objects happening somewhere else
    Precognition – the ability to see the future
    Retrocognition – the ability to see into the distant past
    Mediumship – the ability to channel dead spirits
    Psychometry – the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object


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