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What are two ways that divination via Magick or paranormal power can be proved with a card deck, absolutely?

Please read my questions carefully as I write specificly so it can be answered not degigrate the words in the questions.
Randi only wants to play in his backyard of powers and talents. Ask the insurance company that insures the million.
No where in the question is a tarot deck mentioned.


  1. It can’t be.
    Many have tried, and several have done so under scrutiny, but no such proof of divination exists or has ever been shown. Any who think they have such “proof” are encouraged to demonstrate it by taking the James Randi Paranormal Challenge.

  2. Get a tarot deck and read it for others yourself. Most of my readings are right on cue.
    you must seek these things for yourself if you do not you will never KNOW the truth. Why do you all rely on others to tell you what to do? You should know by now.

  3. Terry, could you be talking about Zener cards? They are used to test skills in telepathy and precognition. In the first a transmitter draws from the deck and thinks of each card that is drawn and the receiver attempts to accurately name the card. To test divining skills a shuffled deck is placed face down and the tested subject attempts to predict which card will be drawn, one after another. This can be done with an assistant to record the test for accuracy. The cards should not be revealed until the test is over. Periodically shuffling the deck is an even better way of proving psychic skill. This is a common test and will reveal someone who has exceptional ability.
    On the flip-side, Zener cards are considered to be quite accurate by skeptics because it is based in pure science. In controlled studies they can measure the accuracy by simple statistics using percentages based upon the chance of a correct answer. The overall score for the average person would be 20 percent, so anyone who repeatedly scores higher or much higher than that is said to have some measure of talent. Done correctly it is a method that leaves nothing to chance. These cards are one of the most used testing devices when someone is trying to prove or disprove the existence of ESP and psychic abilities.
    All the cards are divined correctly or no cards are divined at all.
    So the two ways are divination and telepathy.


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