what are two sources of energy on earth are not coming from the sun?

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Please help thanks!

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Geothermal energy.
Nuclear energy.

james m

cold fusion


well, one has to be careful about precisely how one excludes the existence of the sun in this list because that thing was certainly involved in how the earth formed and developed over the last ~4+ billion years…
which is to say, aolar power cells & wind energy etc are a very direct result of the visible light and heat resulting from the sun.
hence biofuels etc, which are derived from plants which require the same things to grow, are likewise a direct result of that too..
even fossil fuels are technically directly the result of the sun in that sense.
so i’d say the two answers are
– geothermal. those very hot vents in certain locations on the sea floor and near active volcanos.
– radioactive. the nuclei that are decaying in the earth’s crust are primarily uranium-ore, thorium-232, and potassium-40. there are certainly other radioactive nuclei in the earths crust. but the key here is that any of these nuclei were not produced locally (i.e. in our solar system – hence by the sun).
elements up to ~iron/nickel can be produced during the lifetime of standard stars. heavier elements are only produced during stellar explosions (supernovae). our sun is nowhere near exploding yet, so any atom heavier than ~nickel that exists on our planet was produced by a star that exploded outside of our little solar system.
kind of cool, huh?
as carl sagan famously said, “we are all made of star stuff”.
indeed, we quite literally include in our bodies elements that were produced *only* in the explosions of some star billions of years ago…


First answer is it. Wind energy is indirectly from the sun. Wave energy, ditto….although part of it is tidal energy, which is actually earth-moon gravitation. But could be problematic. Biomass is actually from the sun. Coal and oil are just old, stored biomass.


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