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What are "tokens" and "auras" in Magic The Gathering, and what do they do?


  1. not sure about auras but tokens are used just like creatures in fact they can even gain atk and toughness.
    there usefull for sacrafising more then anything.so you can use them for effect instead of destroying strong creatures.

  2. Tokens are creatures that are created through effects.
    Auras are attachments to creatures to give them boosts or reduces their powers.

  3. tokens are used for various things. Mosy commonly they are used to represent creatures. For example, if a spell or ability requires you to put a 1/1 sapropling into play and you dont have any creatures to represent the saproling you use tokens. Other times tokens are used to keep track of things. For example, Calciderm comes into play with 4 vanishing counters on him remove counter begining of your upkeep. At the end of your upkeep sacrifice Calciderm if he has no more counters on him. I always place pennies or small pieces of paper on Calciderm to help me keep track so i dont keep him in play longer then i should.
    Auras (on of the 2 types of enchantments) have always been around HOWEVER players were getting confused on if the enchantments were supposed to target a specific creature or were they supposed to be global (affect everything or effect a specific opponent). Thus Aura’s specificly target a creature whereas enchantments are global.

  4. A tokens is a monster ponde or made by another monster, it’s a free monster or cheap one. There mostly for fast army billding or suisibing monsters. Auras are enchantmints that can go on only one monster not all your monsters like a normal enchantmint. It is a enchant monster, thay just made it sound better.


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