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What are three positive outcomes and three negative outcomes of alternative energy sources?


  1. 1. Solar is at its peak in the Mid Day
    2. Wind is at it peak in the Evening
    3 Its clean
    1. It costs infrastructure money
    2. People liked paying for coal and gas power
    3. Its too trendy

  2. Positive
    can be less damaging to the environment
    can be renewable
    can produce less bywaste
    would necessitate the revamping of all major industries and systems
    would remove jobs from the current energy fields
    would be less reliable at first, until the technology was stabilized

  3. It is renewable.
    It reduces our dependence on foreign oil
    Generally, alternative energy has a high cost and a bad payback without tax or government assistance.

  4. Positive:
    1. I guess is thinking around some people that it is cleaner (it is not)
    2. Thinking around some people that is energy efficient (it is not)
    3. It is very fancy and modern now, every one wanabe (kind of like super star)
    1. All these alternative energy project sucking too much money from taxpayers during already very bad economic times.
    2. The positive results are only either in people minds or in theory and far future. All of them not really clean energies on the building and supporting stages. Sun cells made of oil and production is very toxic, wind when there is no wind use coil, etc.
    3. This industry won’t be able to provide jobs, nor any useful energy that you can account into national wealth and productivity
    Just my personal opinion to it that no one even looking at the single source of alternative energy which will be really rewarding and provide all we need (I am talking about US of cause). This alternative energy is nuclear energy.

  5. I don’t think people like paying for coal and gas generation. It’s necessary. It’s the base and peak loaders. Renewables are variable. You are lucky to get something, but you cannot plan for it, and you cannot guarantee it.
    Most think that’s not a big issue until they want to turn on a light, or have cold food storage. Or even life support. Then variable power sources are a little scary, and uncertain.
    On the grid system today, you have baseline loaders. These are the plants that run 100%, and meet the most basic of electric demand. The peakers produce the power between the spread of basic to current demand that fluctuates all day, every second.
    Now put renewables into that plan, without having reliable back up power systems. It would fail, and not just for a few, but everyone on that grid including the folks on life support.


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