• All I really know about Taoism is that there is no god to be worshipped, but it’s more like the Force from Star Wars.

  • If I point to the moon for you, you won’t be seeing the moon – you’ll be seeing my finger.

    The Tao that can be described is not the true Tao.

    “The way which can be uttered, is not the eternal Way.
    The name which can be named, is not the eternal Name.

    The Chinese word Dao can mean a process or a path, but not an entity. It is only to be followed, not to be worshipped. Dao merely means the natural way of the universe. Being one with the Dao does not indicate an union with an eternal spirit in the Hindu sense, but merely live with the change and accept the way of nature; that of impermanence and flexibility.”

  • Before there was anything there was the way.
    The way is not describable, If you try to describe it all you get is a description of what somebody thinks is the way.
    If you are studying the way you are not following the way.

    Do without trying.

  • It is very important to look after your feet and toes. If you get overly obsessed with your toes, its called, Toeaism.

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