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what are the Ways to Remove a Particular Thought from your Mind ?

from your conscious as well as subconscious mind ??


  1. Get your hands on a bottle of good bourbon and a shot glass. When I want to forget about anything, Wild Turkey is my friend.

  2. I don’t know, but whatever you do, don’t think about a dancing pink elephant in a dress.
    I bet you’re thinking about a dancing pink elephant in a dress, aren’t you?
    We can’t really remove something from our thoughts. What we have to do is learn to concentrate on something else. Trying not to think about a pink elephant only makes us think about one. Thinking about a purple polka-dotted train with green steam and fuzzy wheels will help steer our mind away from the pink elephant.

  3. 1st, relax and empty your mind, then breathe in from your mouth and breathe out from nose atleast 10 rep.
    2nd, try and visualize the thought inside an imaginary blue frame and then put a red cross over the whole frame( obviously! an imaginary one).
    3rd, try to visualize the solution to the above thought but with a white frame and put a blue tick mark over the frame.
    perform 1st step but while breathing out constantly tell yourself that the issue with the thought has been resolved!!!

  4. Change directions in what you are thinking. If your thinking of desert then think of exercise.
    IF your thinking of hate then think of love for examples.
    Also prayer works rather well for me. It changes the focus point of my mind and thoughts.

  5. This may sound ridiculous. And I now it’s really far-fetched, but whenever I want to take something out of my mind, I think of winning the lottery. I KNOW, it’s childish, but it helps me. I imagine what I would do, the places I would go, it really is relaxing. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, someday. Just in case.

  6. First time I fail to answer a question! Because I never been able to remove any thought intentionally by myself. (Oh, if I could!) Though I’m one of the luckiest one since all the thoughts that I was supposed to remove were eliminated by others or by some incidences! Saved!


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