Home Discussion Forum What are the various states of consciousness and what do they mean?

What are the various states of consciousness and what do they mean?


  1. Metha: r.e.m., congenial yet calmed
    Kappa: adherant and holding heavy breathing, some nausea
    Delta: creative yet substancial in thought form
    Beta: dozed and damp, no belonging for minutes
    Alfa: self aware with a sense of personality
    Awake: conscious and withstanding social pressure
    Mithology and natural medicine state these are in a crescendo into normal difficulties and distinctively shrinking into conscious and acceptable terms for neutral and sane humans, meaning metha could speak of clouds as sparks of crowds instead. It is not unattainable to observe without blemish, perhaps this is the acceptable scientific evidence to work with, at least considering neurosis and sclerosis. Not just my opinion.

  2. altered state of consciousness: a state of consciousness which can be reached by drug use, meditation, fasting, etc. It is a state of consciousness that is not a normal conscious self. By drinking coffee, you are in hyperactive, awake state, but if you didn’t drink it, you would normally be drowsy.
    day dreaming: you are awake, but your mind wanders.
    those are all I remember for now. Sorry.

  3. The lowest state is narcissistic.
    The highest state is all encompassing of all peoples and all things.
    One can fill in the other states as he wishes.


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