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What are the uses of Astral Projection?

What is the defensive and offensive use of the power of astral projection???? I am mainly talking about charmed, but im open to other shows.


  1. I don’t know what it’s uses are in fiction, but it’s use in the real world is to amuse yourself by dreaming lucidly and telling boastful far fetched stories about your adventures while projecting as though your soul could be really out there doin’ stuff without your body.
    By the way, you should find questions about tv shows under the Entertainment heading.

  2. Finding lost children.
    Assisting search and rescue operations.
    An inexpensive technique for mineral and oil exploration.
    Traffic reporting.
    Spotting the enemy in combat.
    Killing time for the logically disadvantaged.
    Boasting and tale telling between the naive and silly.

  3. Mainly they are good dreams that leave you feeling refreshed and special.
    Had a dream this morning I was a paranormal investigator for the show “Bones” it was groovy

  4. Selling books is the most useful aspect. Blowing the mind of someone susceptible to magical thinking is next. Those are about the only uses.


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