Home Discussion Forum What are the types of clothes artsy people wear?

What are the types of clothes artsy people wear?

I’m interested in artsy clothing. My personal style right now is a little….blah. My aura is a little hazy right now, so I need some change. Any suggestions would be much appreciated…thank you.


  1. Just go to a thrift store and whatever catches your eye, buy it… vintage is very “artsy” … but it depends on what you mean by artsy though, some people see artsy as Indie…. some as abstract…. so whatever your definition is, go with that.

  2. There is no “Type” they just wear what they like and each have a unique sense of clothing. Thats like says “what furniture to artsy people decorate their house with” or “what do artsy people pint” liek they are all the same. They are considered artsy because they are unique and creative enough to pull of something different yet fantastic.

  3. Gauzy skirts that you make yourself, or you can now buy from Target and Wal-Mart, because this stuff is back in style and you can find them everywhere.
    Anything made of hemp fiber…and you know those batik Indian bedspreads they sell at head shops? Get a few of them and use them as shawls, or to make dresses.
    Some artsy people are so artsy that they forget to get dressed or wear the same clothes for weeks on end. I hope they produce good art, to make up for it.

  4. If you want to really be true and artsy may i suggest something?
    Look at styles and trends from the past and adopt them as your own.
    Dress like a extra from “Happy Days”
    Go 60’s London with a cute Mini skirt.
    Wear suits and ties.
    Whatever you want just be you, be comfortable dressing however you like. The clothes, the image everything will look great
    if you feel confident and unique as a person.
    Go for it !(You’ll brighten up that aura and those who meet you)

  5. “Artsy” people wear whatever makes THEM feel good when they put it on. Being artsy isn’t a style it is a well being. When you have advanced to a stage where you don’t care what other people think you wear what ever tickles your pickle.

  6. The best thing to wear would be a smug and discerning look, levied on anyone who is not dressed in some variation of “hobo chic”. From there you might want to think of the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, and what she likely wore in her 20s =-)

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