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What are the true birthstones?

I’ve seen so many variations of birthstones because some of them are too expensive. I’ve been searching various sites and I’m very confused right now. Which ones are the expensive ones?
January – Garnet (Dark Red)
February – Amethyst (Purple)
March – Aquamarine (Light Blue)
April – Diamond (Clear)
May – Emerald (Dark Green)
June – {is it pearl or alexandrite?}
July – Ruby (Red)
August – Peridot (Green)
September – Sapphire (Dark Blue)
October – {is it opal or tourmaline?}
November – {is it topaz or citrine?}
December – {is it blue topaz, blue zicron, or turquoise?}


  1. the first november one is citrine, but the more modern one is topaz, which most people use. I use them both, being born on November 22nd.


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