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what are the techniques to determine if your pink rose quartz is real or fake?

i’ve had this rose quartz ball for a while and i was wondering if there is such a thing as a fake or real rose quartz and if so how do i determine if it’s real or fake?
thanks anyone who could answer this???


  1. Let me ask u this first. Have u at any time since u have had the quartz miss placed it or actually lost it? Real quartz are cold to the touch. Put it to Ur check and if it feels like it could freeze u check IT is as real as it can get. Please answer my question soon. It will confirm my answer

  2. Ok, it’s almost definitely a real quartz, because quartz is cheap. As for the colour, although rose occurs in nature, it’s relatively rare, but they can change the colour of a white quartz in a factory by heating it to a certain temperature. This is also how most adventurine (green quartz) and amethyst (purple quartz) is made. If you didn’t pay a honking huge amount for your rose quartz crystal, just enjoy it for what it is, because really it’s exactly the same if it turned pink when it was heated in a factory or by lava.


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