What are the stages of a healing tattoo?

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The scabs have fallen off after a week and it’s now sort of shiny?
Is this normal and what else is gonna happen before it fully heals?
No i didn’t pick it. It’s healing pretty quick. It scabbed over the next day and i’ve been putting Bepanthen on whenever it began to dry up so i’ve been doing it all right.
It’s still raised even though theres no scabs? Is that normal?

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'♥' Mandie '♥'

That’s pretty much it. It scabs up then the scabs fall off. Then when the tattoo isn’t raised from the skin anymore it’s healed.
I hope you didn’t pull the scabs off. It should have taken longer than a week for it to completely scab off, and fall off by itself.
It is normal, but do not use Bepanthen. Use lubriderm lotion you can buy it at walmart or most grocery stores.
Make sure you only apply a thin layer you want the tattoo to still be able to breathe.


Yeah it’s perfectly normal.
A tattoo usually:
Hurts/feels a little like sunburn (on the first/2nd day),
Scabs or peels a few days later,
Turns shiny
Then after a week or so starts to look normal.
The colors may also seem at some point to look a bit dull/uneven etc but this only happens to some people and will be fine when the tattoo is fully healed!
As for being raised, that just means that it hasn’t fully healed yet- it should go down when the tattoos 100% healed!

Yo misma

A tattoo takes time to heal between 10 and 30 days depending on several things, although the skin may be sensitive even for a few months.
What happens is that 2-6 days after becoming the tattoo begins to leave the crust; 2-4 days after starting to fall, and 3-8 days later and has fallen throughout.


yes this is normal.
around 7 days it takes for the skin to heal, yes if you were using bepanthen then it should be fine, and as long as you didn’t pick it, then it should be fine also.

samsamscissorhands :)

That’s normal for it to be shiny, it will probably start to peel in a day or two, this is normal aswell and wont affect the end result.
you should be putting the cream on reguarly at least 3 times a day not waiting for it to start to dry up.
its normal for it to stay raised, theres obviously goingt o be some swelling. that goes after a few more weeks at the most, then you can enjoy yr tattoo properly 😀


it’s been 6 weeks since i got my foot tattoo. it seems to still be healing, it’s itchy but the color hasn’t fully come back yet and some of it is still raised. Is that normal?


Anyone who says don’t use Bepanthen should not be giving advice.


You should NEVER use petroleum based products you ding bat. You are the idiot here.


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