What are the spiritual benefits of meditation and vegetarianism?






I am curious..I have been Christian and feel I am not
growing in my faith


  1. reach out to God, seek Him and He will draw close to you my friend. Then you will know what it is He has in store for you for today.

  2. I’m not big on vegetarianism, but I can tell you about meditation.
    Meditation has many benifits – and one doesn’t have to adhere to any system of beliefs to practice it.
    Meditation reduces stress and blood pressure.
    Meditation increases awareness and wakefulness during the day.
    Meditation is also a great tool to get to know thyself.
    Certain types of meditation are geared at increasing compassion.
    Basically, meditation trains the mind to remain awake, so one ceases to react robotically during the day. (Gradually, of course – it’s a slow learning process). One may become more open to others. Instead of simply reacting to everything, one can begin to see the new in every situation and act accordingly.

  3. You want progress?
    My afvice:
    1. Drop christianity. It is poison and it will kill you.
    2. Start power meditation. Absorbing energy will allow to progress spiritually.
    3. Find a REAL deity that cares about mankind. My recommendation: any of the old gods. Baal. Odin. The old heathen gods are alive and well today.
    4. Research. Learn everything that you can. When you stop learning, that is when you start dying.

  4. clear thinking, clear seeing, psychic awareness. and open all the chakras. i am a psychic, medium, and clairvoyant. here’s a story about me
    i am a medium, clairvoyant, psychic, reiki master.
    the first time i saw spirits was when i was three.
    i was banging on pots when all of the sudden i saw my grandmas brother standing by my grandma and my mom, i asked them “hows John?” they were cooking and they just turned and looked at me with there mouths just hanging down! they told me that it was my grandmas brother who actually past away the day before. i never meet him before cause he moved to New York before i was born.
    that same night i started seeing faces coming through the ceiling and everywhere. i don’t know why but they didn’t scare me one bit. i just looked at them and went to sleep. i kept seeing and talking to spirits from then on, i wanted to go see some psychics in the area. In the car on the way i told my grandma and mom not to freak out when we get there, they asked me what i meant, i said you’ll see. The first one we went to was called Divintation for the mind. When we walked in everybody in the room was talking, but then they just stopped and looked at me. and stared with awe. five people came up to us and said that they were honored to have me in there shop. my mom and grandma were in awe themselves. i suddenly felt that i had to talk to his young man about something. i starting walking over to him and said “your aunt surgery is going to be fine, and also Billy says that he is proud of you.” i had no idea what it meant or where it came from, but to the man it meant everything to him! he hugged me at least five times. so i went up to owner and he said that my aura was purple and yellow [which i knew that meant i had a very great gift and would go far in the spiritual world] i bought my first pair of Tarot cards there. after that the next month i went to another psychic shop, the people said the same thing about my aura. that was 4 yrs ago, i am now fourteen, to some people they say that my gift is great, especially since i am so young, but i always say ” i don’t judge someone by there age, someone can be 5 and know more than an 100 yr old man.” for people who want to help there abilities and knowledge i also say “knowledge is power” if you want simply but very powerful mediations, chants, herb magic, reiki advise, clairvoyant advise, medium advise, please ask me! i have a whole lot of ex. in the spiritual world.
    wow. that took a lot longer than i thought it would.
    i have many many many more stories for you. please ask me.

  5. The last part first. Growing in your faith. If you were born a Christian and raised a Christian it is the faith which you are most familiar with. Sometimes you can find new inspiration by talking to a different circle of knowledgeable people. Perhaps there are those whom you have admired and you can speak to them to see what keeps them going.
    Not every day do you have the best meal. Not every day is your faith at its highest level. No matter what your faith, some days, at some time you will struggle. There are many things within your faith that you can try. I am perhaps not the best person to make those suggestions.
    By choosing to be a vegetarian or trying a system of meditation you will be exploring a bit more afield. There is always the concern that the distance will become too great and you will find that you have moved to a new place. If you are prepared for that possibility then you should also know that you are not the first or the last but it is an individual choice of what is best for you.
    I have been a vegetarian for more years than I have not
    There are many different forms of being a vegetarian depending upon both what you allow and your reasons for being a vegetarian. You can look elsewhere for the first (1&2), I will mention the second as it relates to your initial question.
    Those who choose to be a vegetarian for reasons of economy, politics, taste, health, society, environment or culture may exclude any spiritual reasons. If one becomes a vegetarian for moral, religious, or ethical reasons there is more likely to be a spiritual component. For the Orthodox Christian being a vegetarian if only occasionally is compared to fasting. “Fasting is seen as purification and the regaining of innocence. Through obedience to the Orthodox Church and its ascetic practices, the Orthodox Christian seeks to rid himself or herself of the passions, or the disposition to sin.”2
    The East has a very different perspective. “Sin” is not really a factor. Consciousness is more important. I think our famous Star Wars writer must have gotten his idea of “the force” from the Eastern concept of consciousness. Some people will talk of “vibrations.”
    The disturbance of the often required death of an animal to supply food is considered not beneficial for the spiritual seeker. You might find similar ideas in Islam and the Jewish faiths and their special requirements. Being a vegetarian attempts to avoid that disturbance.
    But the real question is how important is this for the overall progress of the seeker. I would suppose it depends upon the seeker rather than the path. It may be similar to the way that some people seem so personally strong that they laugh at comments about them that would wilt another. Some seem to have weaker “spiritual constitutions” than others.
    Some people have described feeling lighter, with more energy, but it is hard to discern if this is a physical or a spiritual effect. My opinion is that it is both.
    Spiritual practices, like meditation, are a way to build up that “spiritual constitution.” I have recently discussed the distinction between the spiritual practices of prayer, concentration and meditation in another question posted by Phae. 3 Your question is much more difficult. Again benefits will vary from person to person. Benefits may also be only received after a long time for some people. It does not necessarily follow that something else will be quicker.
    What exactly is a “spiritual benefit” compared to a psychological or personality benefit. I am not sure most of us could easily discern the difference. If we accept that the spiritual side of most of us is “hidden” from easy viewing, then the same may be said of spiritual benefits. But it does seem to be true that some people seem to have an unseen glow about them. You might want to be around them, to listen to what they have to say… If you are not in love or being seduced it may be something else. I have heard this comment often (some kind of inner glow) after I have introduced people who do not meditate to friends of mine who do.
    Others are answering to physical, psychological, personality or emotional benefits, but you didn’t ask and I won’t respond as I think that is a different question. With respect to occult power, opening chakras and the like I am of the opinion that this is also unrelated and potentially a hinderance to spiritual progress.

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