What are the similarities and differences of buddhism and daoism(taoism)?

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need help with compare and contrast essay

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Buddhism originated in northern India, Daoism in China.


Taoism is more of a conventional religion–it is more mystical, they believe in a force, it is a very esoteric religion.
Buddhism is often called a philosophy rather than a religion, it is more ethically based, though it does put emphasis on ‘nothingness’ and nirvana and such.
They are quite similar in their peacefulness and moderation and things, but the texts are terribly different. Taoism has more inspirational poems while Buddhism has more ‘lectures’ or talks by the Buddha. Hopefully that is a start haha

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Taoism does cherish the life of animals like Buddhism, but the Taoist has no mention of the soul migrating to an animal form, while in Buddhism a being can be reborn as an animal, I think (but could be wrong):
1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Precepts_(Taoism)
One major difference between Taoism and Buddhism is the concept of karma to the
Buddhist. This idea that all actions are the display of thought, the will of man, is known as
karma. Karma determines the Buddhist actions and position in life. A person’s karma limits the
goals which can be achieved. Karma determines where in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth
the consciousness returns. This return can be in the form of an animal or human, and the
Buddhist must progress through a hierarchy to achieve Nirvana (Leek 171). The Taoist has no
concept similar to karma, and no mention of the soul migrating to an animal form. The
determining factor to one’s life is contained in the individual behavior for the Taoist. By
forsaking personal desires in life, by concentrating of the self, a longer life is prolonged.
Eventually, by following the inner light, immortality can be achieved.


Tough question.
— Contrast 1: What is reality made of? —
Buddhism is reductionist: reality is made up of components that we group together and label as things, people, etc. But those labels aren’t ultimately real, just products of our mind.
Taoism is monist: on the surface, the world looks like a bunch of things. Ultimately, though, everything is only one thing. That Oneness is manifested in the Tao.
— Contrast 2: What roles to opposites play (dualism)? —
Buddhism: dualities like good/evil, myself/others, head/heart and light/dark are products of the mind, and are not ultimately real.
Taoism: dualities like yin/yang, good/evil and light/dark make up inseparable wholes. One cannot exist without the other, since they both exist in the inseparable Tao, and the Tao is only One.
— Contrast 3: What is the way to the truth? —
Buddhism: there is a Middle Way, or Third Way, between the extremes of this world – religious or non-religious, true or false, etc.
Taoism: there is only One Way, which encompasses all things.
— Contrast 4: What is wrong with people? —
Buddhism: the fundamental problem with people is attachment. We get attached to our lives, our pasts, our beliefs, the people around us. This is why we suffer.
Taoism: the fundamental problem with people is that they fail to go along with the natural flow of life. We struggle to swim upstream, and become anxious about our lives. This is why we fail to live naturally and effortlessly.
— Similarity 1 —
Things in your life are only an illusion. For Buddhism, this is because you heavily participate in building and interpreting reality. For Taoism, this is because all things are really One, they just look different if you’re not perceptive enough.
— Similarity 2 —
You can wake up to a reality that you’ve been ignoring. Buddhism says that your notion of “self” is an illusion that you’re conditioned from childhood to be attached to. Taoism would have you realize that you need to practice non-action & stop struggling against the Way.
— Similarity 3 —
Words won’t cut it. Words play some part in our way of analyzing and understanding reality. While they help us grasp bits and pieces of the real, they get in the way when we want to experience reality as it actually is.
— Similarity 4 —
Everything is connected somehow. In Buddhism, this is because of “karma” and “dependent origination” – everything happens because of complicated chains of cause and effect. For Taoists, it is because the true nature of reality is the Way, so it encompasses every place, time and thing.


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