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What are the signs that your third eye opening? ?

I have been meditating and also working on my chakra and i experianced feeling at one with the universe i now get broken sleep and feel pressure on my third eye area and a pain on my crown area as though someone was forcing a needle into my brain, i have been using a spectrolite crystal on my third eye area while meditating and when i close my eyes i see a large mass of purple, and i also get the feeling that i am falling the only other thing i have noticf is i can seem to pick up peoples thoughts just by looking in their eyes and the world seems to have speeded up around the thing is most people say when. their third eye opened they experianced divine bliss i havent experianced this so is my third eye not fully open yet


  1. I’m pretty sure your third eye is fully open. Plus it seems fascinating that you get to experienced the universe and reading peoples thoughts. Now that is an awesome experience and you my friend are pretty lucky to have that kind of divine experience.

  2. Dizzines, faint spells, intense headache.
    You will die from cerebral hemorrhaging when your “third eye” “opens up”. This is because your “third eye” no longer is anatomically an eye like it was in our distant ancestors and still is in infant tuateras, but a small, important gland in your brain.
    Spectrolite… seriously?

  3. Yeah your not alone on that one I was born with this gift so its quite cool but annoying at the same time when you keep seeing different colors when you trying to sleep. But its cool though, i see portals and the ocean living with the fishes. Keep working on it.

  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows what it means when you dream a ball of white light from the sky is coming towards you and hits your third eye section. It was a nice dream I would like to find out is that another way the third eye can be opened thanks

  5. As a child I would see in my dreams what would happen the next day to a t.
    It was weird.
    I wish I still have those.
    Weirder even more is I was sleeping on my bunk bed and wake up to someone staring at me, tall or maybe floating not sure and it was female, no one in our house was talk at the time, she didn’t say a word I covered my head, then we uncovered she was gone no noise at all.. I chalked it up to Guardian of sorts.
    Iam still have deja vu.
    But I want the dreams back.
    Any suggestions thanks
    Lone wolves

  6. as a little girl I use to see the dead, evil and good spirits and people by my bed but could not understand what they were saying.


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