What are the signs of spiritual awakening?

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hmm. thats a tricky one.
a person has a spiritual awakening if they are completely at peace with themselves and any situation that arises. this will outwardly manifest in their actions. they will be constantly in service of others, recognizing that we all are the same consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. they will have a presence about them that is unmistakeable yet despite this they are the most humble of anyone.

tammy b

That crusty stuff you find in the corner of your eye…


That’s a bit vague of a question. I read in this book about 2012 predictions that signs of you becoming more spiritually evolved are:
-increased synchronicity
-unexplained vibrations in your body
-sense of humming from deep inside the earth
-increased intuitiveness
-and much more.
Read the book if you want to.


spiritual awakening have been i think understood rather trivially today.
people think when they feel God touches He is awakened.
but that suppose to be only the tip of iceberg.
there are fundamental understanding that should be had first to produce true awakening that will keep solid rock growth rate. Always forward and not cower or doubt.
spiritual awakening is when you already rock solid in understanding fundamental principles of faith and have a moment of enlightenment or breakthrough in applying their faith.

Thimmappa M.S.

Inner peace, unity with existence and joy


finding your true light and to see everything from a new perspective.
The way God want you to see and understand then to teach.


The essence of Universal Religion is Peace and Truth, with Love for the Kindness to all the creatures of the earth. Now is the time to express this essence in your own life. A beginning must be made, and the place to begin is with and in your own life. you would reform the world? Begin with yourself, brother! The message of the unreformed reformer seldom inspires reformation. The heart of all Religion is love. And rightousness, which is love in action, is the fulfillment of religion. Love not only family and friends…for love limited is love denied. Seek peace within yourself and seek, too, within yourself the Devine Breath of Life. Persist in these things! Do not let up for a single moment! Through your faith and through your deeds you shape your life and help shape the lives of others, as well. What a responsibility! The Spirit finds in you its agent and also its partner, and to the degree that you are aware of this and act on it, your life is enriched. A revelation will occur to you…a revelation higher than your most exalted dreams. The New Age is coming, and in it there will be a realization on the Oneness of all. Differences between the various Religions will disappear. The good, which is in each of them, will be fused and will become the common goal of all mankind. Know that you have the power to choose! Choose love, not hate; choose gentleness, not violence; choose holiness, not evil! Dare to believe that the Reign of love and Peace is coming soon! Ready yourself for it! Ready yourself for it with deeds of righteousness! Righteousness is the door-opener, and beyond the door is love. May power divine enter every aspect of your life endowing it with the rewards of material accomplishments, the treasures of purposeful existence, and the eternal light of spiritual achievement!

Mountain Light

Oftentimes, it is when the walls come tumbling down. Actually, however, I feel that this is something that we sometimes revisit. Once awakened once, one is usually awake, yet since we are of this earth and are in our bodies, we are capable of returning to the darkness, at least for a little while.

Song of Joy RCC

The shedding of ego.The heart that seeks selflessness.A focus on the Divine that though sometimes distracted by the flesh,never completely loses sight of the Spirit and Source of all Love.
blessings and peace.


When he/she is thinking about others happiness,when he/she become more and more broadminded regarding the parents goodness,when he started teaching the goodness and avoiding the badness without taking the own religious views(personallly),when he started loving youngers nad respecting seniors,when he/she started spreading the education,when he/she is worried about the future(religiously), when he/she started loving the Lord people with out any mean,when his/her heart become empty from the hating,neglecting,caste….,when his/her starts crying when he/she see any person crying,when he/she started praying without any need from others,when he/she is happy after seeing others happy,when his/her always ready to help others……and many more………are the signs of spritual awakening……May Allah give all of us Hidayat as Allah has given to his messengers,Wali Allah,Razi Allah……Amin


….happiness and glow
on your face,
carefree attitude


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