What are the signs of a spiritual awakening?

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i have had tingling in my head, muscle spasms etc when i mentioned it to someone they said that i am experiencing a spiritual awakening.

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it is the realization that religion is not capable of solving man’s problems and that solution rests solely with man. organized religion is the worst thing to evolve from human interaction.


I don’t think it’s so much physical as mental. You tend to feel a personal remorse over your life’s struggles and failures, followed by an empathy for others, and a peace that comes with a surrender or letting go. It may translate into physical feelings if the stress of life has affected your body and you begin to feel a release..

voleti v

Spiritual awakening starts raising up , when you start losing your ‘identity’.


Its sounds like something physical going on. I’m not ruling out a spiritual awakening, but I’m a doctor & those are symptoms of electrolyte imbalance. I would check with your doc. & get it checked out. It can be dangerous.


Yes, that very well could be part of it. The body is begun to feel more like a vehicle of light instead of all you are. When the feelings come honor them by letting them happen.


If they studied it, I’ll bet they’d see that your blood pressure goes down and your muscles are less tense too…also, the flowers and bluebirds floating around your head would be indicative. (just kidding!) Anyway, I would say that a spiritual awakening would initiate a disappearance of hatred and grudges. One cannot have schadenfreude and nirvana in one body. (BTW–that succinct single German word means “taking pleasure in another’s misfortune or pain” basically). Anyone who is happy to see someone else unhappy is not spiritually awake.
OK, the MD is right–if those feelings are with you all the time, then it IS time to get a checkup, but I assumed you were speaking of a single experience.

I'm not that smart.

There are several, and vary from person to person, and sometimes moment to moment with the same person. Some people feel a “fire” engulf their whole body, and the love of God becomes evident in all things, and they can not cease to be in awe, and make mention of the universality of love and God. I have experienced this once after one wholly focused prayer, it lasted for 3 days. Even just basic things like the water of a shower seems to be a, I don’t know how to describe it since words fail, a magical life.
For me the most constant form came in a lightness, weightless aspect of the body (which is another attribute of spiritual fire). Everything became easy, I simply had to think about it and my body moved as though gliding, there was no debate whether or not to act because I was not “a house divided”, and thus “my yoke is light”. No amount of expressing the wonder and wisdom suffices these states in relating them by human speech.
Some feel light radiating from their spine up through their head and their view becomes above them and all around them, no longer limited by the physical senses etc. There are many, many accounts.
Don’t become fixated on them, because experience must correlate with action, and purity of motive, or else your actions and motive will lead you away from the experience. Focus therefore on your motive, and act solely on the pure kindness, the most kind motive you can muster at any moment, and this sincere effort will reach its Goal, but if it [pure intent and action] is neglected, you will remain deprived of real consummation/Communion of Truth.
God bless.


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