Home Discussion Forum what are the signs of a psychic vampire?

what are the signs of a psychic vampire?

A friend of mine feels as if she is under attack by a psyvamp.Is there a way to tell if she is and who is doing it?


  1. Whenever she is around the psy-vamp, she will begin to feel very gloomy, and depressed. These feelings will continue until the vamp moves off, or focuses on someone else. She will also feel very tired, and lethargic.

  2. First off, it should be remembered that psyvamps are actual people, not undead; most types of paranormal detection cannot distinguish them from ordinary humans. Psychic vampires can only feed at relatively short distance, unless they have a linking object such as a treasured photo, knickknack or piece of clothing. Periods of unexplained fatigue, depression, or ‘cranky’ behavior associated with the presence of a specific person should be cause for suspicion.
    Also, keep in mind that psychic vampires feed primarily on negative emotions. While this may lead one to look for ‘goth’ or ’emo’ suspects, this is too obvious; the business manager who goes out of his way to annoy, frustrate, and stress people under his supervision is a much more likely culprit. Like child molesters, they will look for situations which give them regular access to victims.
    While not reliable, it has been noted that psyvamps often do not like phylloxanthines and other stimulants. So if you have a suspect who avoids coffee and chocolate, be very suspicious.

  3. You feeled emotionally drained after spending time with them and they seem energised. Their energy goes up as yours goes down.

  4. i find most psy-vamps to be repelled by ungalvanized iron….an easy way to get this is called a horseshoe nail ring….it was (perhaps still might be) popular with the mormons (old world that is) and can be carried in the pocket or worn….sometimes hematite can work to (the magnetic kind might be even better) its a black shiny stone can be found at craft stores…these are hopefully simple fixes for u and just tell ur friend to not accept the advances of the said psy-vamp by mentally trying to think of willing the attack off (it works more often than not) and to send the negative energy back with good intention….hope this helps….


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