What are the scientific explaination for the vibrations felt prior to astral projection?






  1. There isn’t any scientific explanation for the vibrations (yet). That is not bcuz AP is bs. It is bcuz our science is flawed & unable to detect & examine all frequencies. It can only detect a small fraction of all of existence. Our current scientific tools are only capable of detecting & examining physical properties. Our science is focused on the physical outer world we perceive around us, while astral projection is something internal, that deals with nonphysical (but very real) realities. The two are just incompatible. Though as we evolve & our science does too no doubt that will change.
    Well anyway not a great deal is known about the vibrations but I can tell you some things. The vibrations are caused by the energy drawn into you (whether you consciously draw it in or not). When you’re in the hypnagogic state (mind awake, body asleep), your consciousness has been altered & your awareness shifted. Once you’re in that state you can access energy that you cannot access while physically awake. You may be aware of what Monroe talks about, the energy point above the head where you draw in vibrations from. Well that is just one area where you can draw in energy. There are 6 energy points all around you. One above the head (as Monroe mentions), one below the feet. Then there are four others each at chest height. One is in front of you, one behind your back, one to the left & one to the right of you. Each of these 6 energy points are spherical & are a few inches in diameter & are approx 3ft away from your physical body (and are possibly multidimensional, that is unknown, I personally believe they are).
    Anyway so these are energy orbs that you can mentally draw in energy from. This energy will go all throughout you, going into your meridians & through your chakras. As this occurs that is what gives you the vibrational feeling. As more energy is drawn in & circulated & stored within you the vibrations will get stronger. What it does is sort of charge your astral body, like give it fuel. When you’re feeling the vibes it’s like you’re charging yourself up. Once you’re charged up you can get going. Once your energy is depleted & can no longer sustain consciousness awareness within the astral body, then back in your physical body you go.
    Note: I’m not completely 100% sure on the last few sentences. That part was really more of my own theory crossed with what I’ve learned from others. So yeah w/e peace out!

  2. I am not aware of any scientific proof of astral projection. I cannot disprove it, obviously, but I can offer a tiny bit of insight into a possible explanation for the phenomena.
    Scientists have found that they can induce altered states of mind, including out-of-body experience, by stimulating various areas of the brain. This does not prove anything about whether astral projection is a genuine phenomena, but it does suggest that activation of brain regions could have to do with the sensations experienced.
    When unusual brain activation occurs, as in a seizure, the person often reports an “aura” or a constellation of strange feelings and sensations immediately beforehand. This is thought to stem from the beginning of the unusual brain activation, as different sensory and emotional areas are activated. If astral projection does involve unusual brain activation, any precursor “vibrations” could be caused by the same kind of beginning activation.

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