what are the risk of opening their third eye?

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i want to open my third eye but i want to know the risk and the benefits??what are the precautions i need to take>>i want to predict the future of the things in this world and other dimension of the universe

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You can’t. It’s not real. Humans do not have supernatural powers.


some people believe that. And you may not even know if people do or do not have supernatural powers, ’cause it my be real. If you don’t believe it that don’t make others believe also in your opinion.

Druid Dhuhh

Jesus Christ said when the Eye is Single, the body is Full of Light.
Just ask for Guidance and Protection from the Highest Power.

Ragnarock Star

True Story- Once a lady could move objects with her mind power. Some guys of a TV Show aired her on World wide television. She was asked to move a whole lot of furniture. When she moved a table way into the air, the power overcame her, and she died.
Be careful. Have u read Eragon? Its just like in the book. All ur mental powers consume just as much power as doing it physically.
The benefits are endless, but the risks….whew!

Born raised and live as a Wiccan

humans can’t open their third eye. unless you are something other than human, like myself, such as a wiccan, you can open your third eye.


You will never forget anything you saw. And what you see might be incomprehensible and drive you mad.


Nothing really, it’s just like awakening all of your senses,(yes, you have more than 5.)Everything Jesus did, we can do to because that was his whole purpose for coming to Earth in Human body, to show us what we are capable of and how we should live a Christian like life,and what better example to be than God Himself in human form?


Risk: shoving the nail too far into your brain
Benefits: shoving the nail too far into your brain
read works by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa for descriptions of the physical process

I'm just me

there is no way to be sure that the gift you’ll get will be precognition. People tend to be born with that. As far as my experience goes, you can’t train for it. You can train to see better, or even to hear, but not precognition. The third eye will help you see better, spiritually, and will open you up to the spirit world. There is no danger to opening it. Though I would advise you to look into protective techniques (white lighting is the easiest), to protect yourself from anything negative you may attract.


It’s a natural part of you best beloved. It can have many benefits but won’t do any harm.


People can open thier third eye if they have belief in it spiritual power which can be obtained by meditation and a connection with nature I have a spiritual connection with my Alaskan timber wolf buck he helps me enter the plains of the spirit easily & the theary of god is true he lives within each of us just cause people like me practice this doesn’t mean we’re atheist it just me we like 2 connect with in a different way


“Whether you believe something is possible, or impossible – either way, you’re right.” –Henry Ford


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