What are the right tarot cards for me?

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I think it would be cool to get some tarot cards and I found some online that have funny pictures of animals dressed in suits and stuff, but everyone online is saying about picking the right cards for you and not just picking based on the pictures. I don’t particularly believe in any of the stuff, but how exactly are you supposed to pick the right tarot cards for yourself if not by the pictures?

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Shadow Storm - Witch & Healer

Of course the pictures matter! It’s what calls to you. They should be pleasing to the eyes, i mean especially if you are going to use them you should be extremely comfortable.
Don’t worry about what people tell you, just go out and buy a deck you love.
Happy Hunting!


You’re right – and they’re wrong.
You pick Tarot cards BECAUSE of the pictures.
If the pictures have no meaning to you, then how are you supposed to read them?
I have many, many, many (waaaaaa too many LOL) decks of Tarot cards. Some days, I feel like using the Guilded Tarot; other days it’s the Celtic Dragon deck or one of my anime decks.
If you have found a deck (whether in store or online) that really is pulling you toward them (for whatever the reason), then most certainly feel free to buy that deck.
In la’kech


These days there are lots of themed tarot cards, so you’re likely to find a pack that reflects something you’re into and that really resonates with you.
For example, arthurian legend, goddess, native american, gypsy themes and the traditional Waite Rider deck.
Take a look at as many different ones as you can find, but look deeper than with your eyes – sit with the images until one speaks to you. The most important thing is to chose the deck that has meaning and attraction for you.


i was told by a wise women never buy your own tarot cards in order for them to work properly they must be a gift, Mine were given to me by my mother and they work well for me

Sadhara Satguru

The right Tarot Deck for you are the ones that you fall in love with. You have to use them, so go for what you like, regardless of why you like them.
Join forum below if you tarot study advice & other tarot folk to talk to.


the right cards for you will find you, it will pull you in somehow. even if its by the pictures… thats sort of how i found mine.
I had never really thought too much about reading cards but i was at a book store just wandering around and i came upon this section of tarot cards and i just reached out and grabbed a box and i was amazed!! they were the most beautiful cards i’d ever seen. i knew right at that moment that they were mine. i didnt know much about reading cards but i had to have them. so i bought them and a book to learn how to read them.
you’ll know, when you find them.


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