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What are the rarest and best types of tarot cards to buy and use?

I have greek tarot cards that are very simple to read…. but I feel as if they are losing my auras and can cause a mis interpretation. I feel as if it’s time to change cards so i would like to know if there are any specific cards that i should be interested in getting.


  1. Among the most used is the Rider Deck, but my personal favorite is the Egyptian Book of the Dead Deck. Recently I saw an Angel Deck that was absolutely gorgeous–I bought it for my wife to use.

  2. They probably just need to be cleansed. Try smudging each card with sage and see if that makes a difference in the feel of them. I have about 10 decks. Some get stored for months and then suddenly they become my primary deck again. It’s good to have more than one deck.
    I love the Connolly deck, the pictures are so vibrant and beautiful.
    At the site below, you can browse different decks and see what they look like. It best to decide by the way the images and the decks make you feel.
    BTW, another way of cleansing a deck is sitting them (spread out) in the Sun or Moonlight or upon soil.

  3. It’s not true that you shouldn’t buy your own deck. If that were the case you might sit around forever waiting for someone to give you a deck. Also there’s an advantage to picking your own, the images should be pleasing and speak to YOU – after all you’re the one that will be using it.
    As far as what is the best, that’s a personal choice.
    The Rider-Waite is easy to learn and use as the symbolism is fairly universal and there are plenty of resources for study available for it. Many decks are based on the Rider, including the Gilded Tarot which is one of my favorites.
    The site below has tons of decks that you can view sample images and reviews on before deciding:
    There is also a learning area with card meanings.
    Rarest would be anything that is out of print or special editions, those are listed on Aeclectic also, and you could look on eBay.
    Blessed Be!

  4. Hello
    The most common deck are the Rider Waite, drawn to aid the subconscious.
    I doubt if there is anything wrong with your current deck. If they no longer inspire you then it may be time for a change. But you may also find that they just need a bit of love or a break from.
    How often do you meditate with them? How often do you return the deck to chaos? Do you misuse them?


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