What are the plausible and pragmatic ways of creating an energy-efficient earth?





I need this for a presentation..so please be specific so that I can implement these ideas in my project..thanks!


  1. The only plausible and pragmatic solution is a large scale die-off of the global population. Since we live in a closed eco-system, the eco-system will do this (is doing this) there are so many “new diseases” each year it is astonishing, and most are resistant to treatment. Something along the order of the bubonic plague is going to come along and draw down the excess population back to something that is eco-viable, 2-4 billion instead of the present 7 billion.
    I in no way advocate any kind of “program” to do this, but I am enough of an environmentalist to know that the global system is “self-correcting” and will find or “develop” some mechanism to reduce the global population.
    We as people on the earth have not developed the intelligence nor the skills to make life here sustainable for a population growth that is out of control — nor are we going to.
    I know this is not an answer you were looking for, but it is the most “plausible and pragmatic way of creating an energy-efficient earth”. We do not have to “do” anything, the earth will resolve the problem of human overpopulation in its own way and in its own time and it will be an “answer” that no one of us can predict, but that many can imagine.
    warm wishes

  2. Solar Power has no bad side effects and can be situated anywhere. People could purify rain water to drink. People could create compact communities so they don’t have to drive everywhere. Oh, and of course people could stop being such pigs when it comes to consumerism.

  3. Consider NASA’s Clean Air Plant Study. By educating yourself to have live potted plants indoors will lessen the load to use artificial ways to make our indoor environment healthier.
    Also consider the world’s cleanest car because it runs on compressed air. It should be on the market next year and should be much cheaper than the hydrogen car.

  4. I believe web2 and 3-4-… will be a revolution. I’m counting on you boys and girls (tweens and teens) Imagine people being able to communicate with whoever on this planet. Imagine the power, mouth to mouth, being able to analyze whatever corporations are saying. We can discover the truth, finding out what really works and what not. Imagine vehicles on hydrogen it is possible, it is clean but there is a very strong opposition because oil is so easy. The technology is here, can you dig this; if you adjust a normal diesel engine it is possible to make it work on 50% water and 50% diesel and gain 30% efficiency. If you want to know more about this write me an email and I’ll tell you the truth.

  5. We need to build environmentally sustainable communities that minimize the need to drive cars to complete routine errands. Many cities are built as giant suburbs (e.g. Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, etc.), where people have to drive to get to where they need to go. We need to build communities where shops and amenities are in short walking distances away. Also, we need mass transit that is safe, clean and reliable.
    We currently have an urban sprawl epidemic in this country where roads and houses are built further and futher out from existing urban centers, requiring long commute times. Also, how can a family spend quality time together when people are commuting to work for 2 to 3 hours per day?

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