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What are the physical and health benefits of doing Yoga and Pilates? Please Advise!!!?

Well I am looking for yet another way to exercise and diet and was told about Pilates and Yoga and decided to try them both but I didn’t know much about it and per research didn’t tell much. If you have done either of the two please let me know tips, advice, etc..Thanks!!!


  1. To be honest you breath better, you fell better and Sex is better when you Yoga I have been doing Yoga for 2 years!!! I love Yoga………. Im a better person cause of Yoga…

  2. Basically what this man said BUT!! Yoga and Pilates build up your body muscles and make you more flexible…I do not know about the sex part and I do not want to know how. but it keeps your body healthy and makes it.
    Umm I do not know the difference in Pilates or Yoga but then again they do have different ways of excercising. They both are very good excercise methods for physical and health benefits.
    The only bad side is people rush things and do stuff they have not prepared their body to be ready for and tthey end up injuring themselves.
    Which ever you think is better for you then go for it. Do not hold back. Whic ever you choose though good luck you have my full support!!^.^

  3. They are not so much designed for fat loss as for toning and muscle shaping. I do Pilates, and it gives you amaaaazing abs as nearly every exercise works them, makes you calm and centered, and really shapes and tones your muscles. It also gives you great posture.I alternate Pilates day with gym days, so I burn fat and also work my muscles. Pilates will tone you up, but still need cardio to lose fat.I would suggest getting a beginners instructional dvd, I tried a book at first but it was too hard. The breathing is very important and hard to get right on your own.


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