What are the origins of Astrology?





Where did it come from, who made it popular over the years and how did it evolve, if at all, into what is used today.


  1. one day, an ape that was curling up in his nest to go to sleep, looked up at the stars and wondered what they were. soon after that he decided that the best way to get from one tree to another was to walk on his hind legs so that he could see over the long grass.

  2. well interesting but its really unsure where astrology comes from. and i shy away from the b.s. you see in newspapers, that isnt real astrology. real astrology is the whole reading not just a silly sun sign. although most of the work in astrology comes from alchemy i do know that all symbols and even the ones famous today as symbols of male and female are originally symbols from alchemy. many say eygptian, some say arabic, some think sumerian or babylonian. all have forms and studies into the relationship of stars and energy of whats going on around us. but it is most definitly tied into magickal studies everywhere. the same symbols and names used in astrology are used many many times over. in palmistry your pointer finger is the same as it would be as jupiter is in your readings. the f-you finger (middle) is the same as saturn. the ring finger is the sun (also known as apollo) and the pinky is the same as mercury. the palm itself is mars the lower away from thumb mound is luna the moon and the lump under the thumb is venus. oh as mentioned earlier the astrology symbol for mars is the one that is traditionally accepted today as the symbol for man and venus is the universal symbol for females and this is where that guy got the idea for men are from mars and women are from venus. anything else i can help with contact me

  3. Astrology was the preoccupation of a nocturnal, nomadic, hunter gatherer society. Several thousand years ago, society began to change to agrarian. The old knowledge of navigation, trade, and culture was incorporated into a new, solar calendar based society.
    The symbols (simplistically) represents the points of our modern compass. They are also prophetic, and speak of the hopes and dreams of ancient prophets.
    With the development of modern astronomy, astrology has degenerated into claptrap, and nonsense.
    Check out the Creation stories of the Bible. You will find that the Moon rules the night sky. This was not an error. It is referencing the cosmology of the times, and is an allegory. Roughly translated, it means; it’s better to have a dim light, than total darkness.

  4. i know that in the old times when the arabs and the pharaons lived the pharaon´s helpers managed to study the stars, the sun, the moon etc to predict the future, that is the start of astrology and why? of course there was curioisity on the subject

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