What are the origins of Acupuncture and Reflexology and Reiki. What are the beliefs behind them?

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How does t the above relate to Christians? Would you recommend them for long term relieve? Mollyanne

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Acupuncture and reflexology have proven clinical results. The only way they relate to Christianity is in that they actually do the things that people wish prayer would do.


Acupuncture is lost in the annals of Chinese medicine, and the others are rubbish like Christianity


They probably have their origins in the east, places like India. What they have in common is that they believe that the body has nerve and energy centers. When we have a disease, the body’s centers are out of balance and these centers need to be stimulated to releive pain and restore the energy balance. Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate, reflexology uses pressure, and reiki believes the healer can apply hands and transmit light and energy to heal.
There may be something to them at some degree, but be careful of the power of suggestion. People always feel better when they know someone is caring for them.

Queen of Wands

All I know is reiki is Buddhist and helps somewhat…the person is energized and their body can fight their ailment a little better…acupuncture and reflexology are from China…and China, before becoming atheist was Buddhist too…so Christianity does not figure into any of them…
I was told acupuncture helps some problems too…never had it so I don’t know…same with reflexology…I am a reiki master though and feel it helps but is not a miracle of course…

'Tis the Season!

As far as I know, those three come from Eastern areas and have nothing to do with Christianity. They can be helpful but the patient’s cooperation helps determine how successful it is.
Both my grandmother and I have done accupuncture. It works on more for her…but it works equally well for colds on both of us. It is very relaxing once you’re OK with the ‘needles’.


Wishing you all the happiness of the holiday season.


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