What are the occult meanings of the number thirteen?

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Is it a bad luck number , does it signify change.

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It has many different meanings in different cultures.

The Apostle

No such thing as luck…..13 is just the number after 12….>


oh my freind….i have the same questions as u have….this i cannot awnser….but one thing i can say………everything has a meaning….and ull figure out the awnser soon enough


many different meanings. look it up in google

-FYOP- Ruler Of None -1111-

there are many meanings …
Judas being the thirteenth apostle …
Friday the thirteenth is when the church massacred the Knights Templar ..
and many others …

Shaman Val

There 12 main houses of the zodiac and 1 small one the Phoenix. This is a representation of the primordial mound that surrounds the black hole in the centre of our galaxy. Sagittarius points his arrow to it. The 13th house is not so long in duration as the main 12. It is Loki the trickster, who does some terrible deed which then actually turns out for the good, as represented by the Phoenix of rising from the ashes of disaster. 🙂
It signifies its evolution time. 🙂
Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks


My Dad’s B-17 in ww2 had a black cat standing in the # 13. They did 30 missions over occupied Germany and none of then got a scratch while on the plane. They all had old beliefs about 13 and black cats after that.


We look in general meaning. It mean thirteen mean 13.


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