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What are the negative features of energy efficient lightbulbs?


  1. They last longer so you forget the trick to remove the shade. They have a larger initial investment but make up for it in energy savings. They don’t get as hot.

  2. They contain mercury, and noone seems to be concerned (yet) about what happens when they start hitting landfills in large numbers. There’s no recycling plan for them yet.
    They certainly don’t seem to work well when hooked up in parallel. We have a set of 4 globe bulbs in our bathroom, and it takes at least a minute for them to come up to full brightness.
    They only come in standard socket sizes; I haven’t been able to find chandelier size bulbs yet.
    They don’t fit some fixtures and lamps, because of their bulky bases and awkward spiral shape.
    They don’t seem to work at all in subzero temperatures: I gave up on using them in our porch light after the temperatures hit below -20 degrees Celsius.
    The cost, energy and materials used are much higher.
    And finally, for many years, we were being told that fluorescent lighting is unhealthy because they cast light in a very narrow ranges of the spectrum, rather than a broad, “natural” range like incandescent lighting does. There were claims that they cause headaches, epileptic seizures, and other ailments. No one seems to talk about that anymore.

  3. They are ugly. They don’t turn on right away. They are ugly. They give off a wierd color light. They are ugly. They hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Did I mention they are ugly?


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