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What are the negative effects on the enviornment by the solar energy devices?


  1. In theory, everything has some impact. I just don’t think that mankind has nearly the impact that the fearmongers would like us to think. Fear and constant scares are a great way to control the masses.
    Best of luck.

  2. There are no negative effects on the environment by the solar energy devices at all. The only effects I have heard of by the solar energy devices are possitive ones. I would like to live on solar energy, because it will save me money, and the cost is lower than regular energy that we are currently getting. Anyway, thank you very much for asking.

  3. if a substantial part of the radiation from the sun was captured in solar energy devices, the result would be equivalent top global warming. but the global energy requirements of the human race are negligible, compared to the amount of energy that earth receives from the sun. therefore I see no negative effects.

  4. For passive solar energy there are no bad effects.Active solar energy needs to have a manufacturing process and battery’s for holding the collective charge.Disposal of used battery’s has been a on going problem from automakers to home owners on the grid.

  5. As far as your use of theses devices there are none.
    the adverse effects of these systems is that the components (Collectors,batteries,pipes ect) are made using standard methods


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