Sunday, September 26, 2021

What are the negative effects of energy drinks?

I am aware on many cans/bottles of energy drinks it says not to drink too much within a day. For example Redbull cans say not to consume more than 500ml/day. What difference does this have compared to coffee? I have never seen a coffee recommendation other then for pregnant women (not to drink more than 4 cups/day i think). Is anyone aware of a longterm impact of consuming excess energy drinks? I guess they haven’t been around for long enough.


  1. The difference between Coffee and thees drinks is the fact that “RedBull” is like 3and a half cups of coffee.
    None have been found yet.

  2. you shouldnt have alot of energy drinks because it gives you a big boost in energy very fastly, when getting energy you should do a litttle at a time.
    so what i am saying is take litttle sips and spread it out so you are not tired.


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