Home Discussion Forum what are the names of medusa's non gorgon sisters?

what are the names of medusa's non gorgon sisters?

the sisters i am looking for have a single eye and tooth and they r ugly old hags and there r 3 of them!


  1. the Graeae fit your description but Medusa was a mortal turned Gorgon so not even the other Gorgons are her sisters.
    The Graeae share a tooth and eye and are the sisters of the immortal Gorgons. Their names are Pemphedro, Enyo, Deino or Persis, depending on the source.

  2. The Gorgons where of LESSER GODS according to mythological .dictum. they where lesser god’s they where called earth dwellers. they had 3 sisters THE GRAIAE (3 grey women) who shared one tooth and one eye among . they showed PERSUES the way tot he GORGONS who where daughters of PHORCYS.son of the sea and earth. ONLY the 2 of the gorgons where imortal…alas MEDUSA was not. they had scales of gold covering thier bodies snakes for hair, thier form was dragon like and had wings. and they turned men in to stone ..when gazed directley upon.. ps.. i can not see any refrence to the 2 imortal gorgons as to what thier names where.. ?

  3. According to Hesiod, Medusa was the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. Together they had several children, collectively called the Phorcydes. Aside from the Hesperides and Thoosa (according to Homer), nymphs, all of the Phorcydes were monstrous. These monstrous children included the Gorgons, the Graeae/Graiae and Scylla. Hesiod also mentioned Echidna and the Hesperian Dragon Ladon as their children.
    It wasn’t until Hesiod’s Theogony that three Gorgons were named: Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno. They were ugly, but they didn’t share a single eye and tooth. That would be the Graeae. The Graeae were described as old woman, having gray hair from birth. They only had one eye and one tooth among them, and passed it back and forth.
    The number and names of these sisters varied by source. In Theogony, Hesiod named two sisters: Pemphredo and Enyo. In Bibliotheca, Pseudo-Apollodorus named three sisters: Enyo, Pephredo (a variation of Pemphredo), and Deino. In Hyginus’ Fabulae three were named: Pemphredo/Pephredo, Enyo, and Persis (though some translations name a Dino). In Aeschylus’ play Prometheus Bound, three sisters are mentioned but never named.
    So the Graeae were Medusa’s sisters that were not Gorgons.


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