What are the most common questions psychiatrists or relationship counselors ask in therapy?

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Looking for the most common questions to prepare my self for a future visit with my girlfriend to see a relationship expert.

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Love Sponge

“… and how do you feel about that?”


“How do you feel today?” Or, ‘How are things going with you?”


why are you here?
do you agree?
what can you do to change?
do you want to change?


They will probably FIRST ask why you think you are here. Asking each of you to see if you both have the same perception of why you are coming to see a relationship expert. Men and women often have different concepts of how they view their relationship (among other things in life) then they may ask what you think you can do to help solve the problem.. Another thing they may have you do is fill out a small questionnaire, with a beginning statement and you finish it .. something like….. A secret about me that no one knows is…… or Where I would like to be 5 years from now is…… etc. this will allow your therapist to learn several things about you and how you relate to situations. They may ask personal things about your sexual history… There are many questions they could ask! there is no way to “prep” for these… just be honest if you really want to work things out with your girl.


Do you have insurance?


How does that make you feel? What do you think would help this? Why do you think you do that? Why do you think that is?
How are you doing? What do you think?


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