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What Are The Major Differences Between The MAGICIAN, The WIZARD, The SORCERER, The WARLOCK And The DEMON … ?

What Is Their Order, Least Powerful To Most Powerful? Is There A ‘Chain Of Command’ … So To Say …
… also … Is A Male WITCH Necessarily A WARLOCK?


  1. First, Warlock is not a propper term. It was coined by the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages durring the witch hunts in Europe to describe male prationers of the Craft. However, the word has it’s origins in the term Waerlogia which means ‘traitor’ or ‘oath breaker’ and has no denotation of gender. It is also considered an insulting term by most modern practioners of either gender.
    There is no ‘chain of command’ to speak of, however the Demon (another term for ‘fallen angel’) is not human and would be the most powerful and likely the most durrable of the beings you mentioned.
    In the middle ages the terms Magician, Wizard and Sorceror would have been virtually interchangeable, however these days they are defined as follows:
    Magician – A trickster and illusionist that may possess a small amout of actual magical tallent, but mostly relies on ‘slight of hand’, ‘misdirrection’ and other non-magical tricks. David Copperfield and Chris Angel would be prime examples of the modern ‘Magician’.
    Wizard – An actual practioner of the Magical Arts or the Craft. He or She gains their power through study and personal sacrifice (giving up things like sex or other worldly pursuits and living an austere existence rather than using their power to gather personal wealth and possessions).
    Sorceror – A practitioner of the Magical Arts that gains their powers through otherworldly beings (such as Demons) and gaining their help through trickery or the striking of deals (such as selling their soul or gaining other souls for the Demon in question).
    Hope this helps.

  2. A magician is a person who does magic TRICKS, a wizard does actual magic, but usually needs a wand to do it, a warlock is a male witch, a sorcerer can do all magic with wands or without wands and is usually more powerful than a wizard or witch/warlock. And a demon is an evil entity.

  3. A male witch is not necessarily a warlock but if you look into the meaning of it, Warlock means oath breaker which is why most male witch’s won’t use it but in fact it was as mentioned above created by the church for it was the church’s oath that you broke.

  4. A magician is someone who uses magik,a wizard a higher form than a witch, a sorcerer lower form of wizard,warlock the term for an oathbreaker and a demon referring to something from the dark side.Males and females both use the term witch.


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