Home Discussion Forum What are the main theories for telepathy of dolphins?

What are the main theories for telepathy of dolphins?

Why are they so friendly with people?
Who are we for them- deities, friends from other kind or smth with common origin?


  1. Dolphins belong to our nearest neighbor culture, the oceans. They are obviously very intelligent. They don’t keep pets yet are helpful to other species of the deep. We are lucky they choose to communicate with us and will be instrumental in our understanding of their world.

  2. There are no scientific theories for telepathy with dolphins. The interaction that dolphins have with humans needs no such far-out, fanciful explanations.
    Dolphin species and individuals can vary in their friendliness to humans. Some are very shy, and some can be aggressive. But they are mammals and are at least as intelligent as apes and probably don’t have any instinctual fear of primates (like a human) swimming in the water, so their natural curiosity may win out when they see a human being in their environment.

  3. There is certainly no evidence that dolphins have any form of telepathy. And who says dolphins are friendly and have any concept of humans.
    Dolphins have a fairly high level of intelligence. They are also very curious. They seem to be affected by human odors in the water, which is not surprising as we are both mammals. They will learn to do tricks for rewards.
    There are stories of dolphins escorting drowning sailors back the shore, which seems to suggest that they are sympathetic to humans. But you never hear the stories of dolphins who escort drowning sailors out to sea, for obvious reasons. Perhaps there are just as many of them?

  4. There is no evidence of telepathy in Dolphins.There’s not even a reason to speculate on it.As far as being friendly,not in the wild.They can be curious,indifferent or hostile depending on circumstances.See how friendly a mother will be when you approach it’s calf.They’re not very helpful to the many species they hunt and eat.They are helpful to the sharks and killer whales that eat them though.They are very intelligent animals,but giving them human emotions and values does them no good.In fact it encourages people to interact with them.Very rarely does that turn out well for them.Check out how they do interacting with Japanese fishermen.

  5. There is no evidence of telepathy in dolphins or any other animal for that matter. However as evidenced by this question, there is ample evidence of gullibility and idiocy in humans.

  6. WHAT?!?! is this a joke?
    I would say the leading theory for the telepathy of dolphins is that they aren’t telepathic.
    They are friendly with humans because they are curious and social animals, and humans reciprocate thier friendliness when they come to investigate humans.
    There is no telepathy.

  7. I am not aware of any theory proposing dolphins are capable of telepathy. If telepathy doesn’t work on an intraspecies level (which it doesn’t) why on earth would it work interspecies?

    • Because dolphins have been self-aware creatures for at least the past 12 million years, whereas we have for only about 200,000. It stands to reason they might know a thing or two about consciousness that we haven’t figured out yet, especially when their lifestyle can require tremendous, rapid changes of consciousness, like being able to dive from the surface to 300 meters and deeper in a minute or two, where there’s no light and their rib cages collapse from the pressure. I’ve had a few random telepathic experiences with other animals, but some dolphins can apparently project themselves into our consciousness. At least three very well-known professional dolphin trainers admit publicly that they figured out how to train dolphins telepathically — Ric O’Barry, “David Capello” and Frank Robson, of NZ. Perhaps your cogent argument will convince them.

  8. The year 2007 has been declared as (International) Year of the Dolphin by the United Nations and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in an effort to promote dolphin conservation.The idea was launched by the UN’s Convention on Migratory Species and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).Dolphins and marine mammals can locate underwater swimmers and objects and assist with a variety of additional tasks.
    check this out;
    Secret ESP research with Dolphins revealed
    The Navy has been working with dolphins and marine mammals since the 1960s.The creatures have been operationally deployed several times, including in war zones and probably for activities not routinely disclosed.
    The dolphins, sea lions and other animals are trained and coordinated by the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) on San Diego’s Point Loma peninsula, home to many Navy activities.The dolphins and marine mammals have reportedly learned to communicate and work well with their human counterparts.As well as conducting various operations, Navy research on dolphins and marine mammal intelligence and sonar-like perception has also been conducted.Marine mammals apparently were also subjects of research as part of a “Program Plan for Anomalous Mental Phenomena.”
    This effort was conducted as part of government investigations into remote viewing and anomalous cognition.
    A declassified bibliography of research papers completed from 1976 to 1990 includes an unclassified 1987 report titled “A Remote Action Investigation with Marine Animals” by Dr. Edwin May and Dr. Charles Pleass.The research by May and Pleass was conducted for SRI International, Menlo Park, California. SRI has been one of the primary research entities conducting investigations into remote viewing and anomalous cognition for the U.S. military and intelligence services. Examining telepathy and other kinds of anomalous cognition in a highly intelligent species like dolphins takes this kind of research in an even more interesting direction.
    Telepathy is the ability to communicate without words. It is especially effective with animals.

  9. It is well known fact that mermaids and dolphins live together under the sea in harmony, in the ruins of Atlantis.


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