What are the main teaching points to learn from Socrates?

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What are the main teaching points to learn from Socrates
Thank you.

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That no matter what you KNOW you can never KNOW everything or be sure that what you KNOW is even TRUE………Also you must keep an OPEN mind and see things for other points of view in order to truly understand your own………Only then can you really know your position, when you have assumed the other to be true as well.

Peter W

The most important lesson Socrates taught was to question all authority and dogma. He believed that men who held themselves out as experts were usually fools and could not answer relatively simple questions about their spheres of knowledge. Thus, the “Socratic Method” of teaching is to encourage students to ask questions about things they don’t understand, rather than drilling them on narrow, predetermined bodies of knowledge.


I will let you know soon.

Chuck Lee

Moderation in all things.
Knowledge is virtue.
There is no sin but ignorance.
Learning to love truth, beauty and goodness is essential for attaining one’s highest nature.
Beware of democracies.


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