Home Discussion Forum What are the main differences between Qigong and Tai Chi? ?

What are the main differences between Qigong and Tai Chi? ?

Is one form more effective than the other?


  1. Qigong is a traning to convert qi throught inhale and exhale and not a martial arts.
    While Tai Qi Chuan use Qigong as internal Chinese martial art.
    There is own set of qigong traning.

  2. harry c has got it spot on . most chi-kung practice is static and primarily for energy development with no martial application.where as Tai-chi-chuan is moving chi kung incorporating martial application,this was the original format,now its practiced as a mish mash of health only exercises,stripped of its original fighting application.The full title means grand ultimate boxing.

  3. Qi gong or Chi Kung are energy matter within the body. All martial art have chi but it is how it is express and use. Tai Chi, is a form of art which express the chi energy more. It take a long time to make chi powerful and use in battle, that is why all chi kung master are old old man…..
    You must understand the ying and yang of CHI, it can do good to your body but at the same time if it is taught the wrong way or a misleading way, it could be very demeaning to health.


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