Home Discussion Forum What are the magickal meanings of a willow tree? (dragon magick)?

What are the magickal meanings of a willow tree? (dragon magick)?

I am trying to choose a craft name for dragon magick. I like the dragons of Earth very much so I want it to relate to them. I decided I would include a tree in my name. Since the weeping willow is my favorite tree I would like to know what some of the positive and negative meanings of the tree are.
I also am very attracted to the dragons of wind so if I could somehow combine something that relates to both please tell me.
I have been considering oak and maple too.
Reading to much Harry Potter? I should have known people would answer with rude comments that have nothing to do with the question!


  1. I’ve heard few tales of willows. one was that the first willow was once a mother of 15 children the died of on by one of disease, her husband died soon after the children and she was filled with such sadness that the gods pittyed her and turned her into the first weeping willow a tree that people enjoy sitting under so she would have people to watch over and shelter from rain and such, but i don’t remember where the story came from, its been like 10 years and all, i hope it helps you though

  2. I will give you the reason it was chosen for me many years ago. In a strong storm the mighty oak will break, a willow will bend.
    It’s attributes are receptive, water, and feminine.
    There are many good sites with good info. Type in “magical tree lore”.
    Blessings )O(

  3. From the wonderful dragonmother.com wand site:
    “Willow is the Lunar wood of choice, water element, feminine energy.”
    “The Oak tree symbolizes the growth energy of the Earth and Sun, Royal Majesty, and the force of Truth. It is the tree of the Kings of the Gods- Odin, Zeus, Jupiter- all thunderbearers; perhaps because the Oak’s roots reach so deep, it tends to draw Lightning. In Celtic traditions, the Oak is the tree of Lugh the god of Sun and light, and the Queen of the celtic goddesses, Brigid.
    The Oak is, of course, closely connected with the Druidic Tradition. It is the sovereign tree of England. There is a tradition that no king of england will be legitimate unless he sits on an Oaken throne. The great Druidic magician, Merlin, and the later Magus John Dee, both wielded Oaken staves and wands.” (For the record, my personal choice of wood to work with is always oak.)

  4. Willow Tree, bends with the wind and does not break or get pulled up like the mighty oak. It is also Feminine energy, and is very forgiving. Just as mother earth is, So far.


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