Home Discussion Forum What are the health benefits of yoga?

What are the health benefits of yoga?

I’m thinking of taking up yoga, what are some health benefits of it?


  1. it relaxes your body
    increases metabolism
    helps respiration
    increases flexibility
    stretches the spine and joints
    increases the mental health and concentration
    improves balance
    and your response to stimuli(reaction time)

  2. I do a form of power yoga called YRG that is high cardio, low impact that increases flexiblity and builds your core. It will also help you increase your focus. I do the online version at home with no equipment needed and no monthly fees like a gym. Namaste

  3. There are so many health benefits of Yoga. Your Mind Body and Soul all benefit from Yoga. We all know how great yoga is for your body, but what most people don’t realize is the mental health benefits. Yoga works wonders to relieve anxiety and stress among others.


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